VMware Fusion Pro 13.0.0 with License Key Free Download 2023

What is VMware Fusion Pro?

VMware Fusion Pro is a Mac virtualization program that enables users to run various operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS, on a single physical machine. It offers a number of capabilities for developers and IT specialists, including support for virtual networking, snapshots, and connectivity with vSphere, and enables consumers to run Windows apps on a Mac without having to reboot.

VMware Fusion Pro 13.0.0 with License Key Free Download 2023

Why Do People Use VMware Fusion Pro?

  • Running Windows apps on a Mac without having to reboot is possible which is helpful for those who need to utilize both Mac and Windows applications.
  • Testing various operating systems: Without the need for numerous physical workstations, developers and IT specialists may use to test various operating systems and configurations in a virtual environment.
  • Older software compatibility: enables users to execute applications that might not be compatible with more recent operating systems.
  • Security and Isolation: this enables users to build secure virtual machines for testing and development, which can help shield the host computer from malware and other security threats.

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How do I get VMware Fusion for free?

A working CustomerConnect account entitles you to a free Personal Use License from Fusion Player. Fusion Player Free can be used for non-commercial purposes by home users, Open Source contributors, students, and anybody else.

Is Fusion free for Mac?

Fusion 13 has capabilities for programmers, IT managers, and regular users and supports Intel and Apple Silicon Macs running macOS 12 and newer. Start your free, 30-day trial of Fusion Player using the links below; there is no need to register. Alternatively, you may sign up for a free license for personal use.

What Are The Key Features Of VMware Fusion Pro?

  • Support for various operating systems: enables users to run numerous operating systems on a single physical machine. Supported operating systems include Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • Fusion Pro offers virtual networking, which enables connections between virtual machines and the network of the host machine as well as the construction of intricate network topologies.
  • Snapshots: The ability to take a snapshot of a virtual machine at a certain point in time allows users to go back to that state if necessary.
  • The ability to manage virtual machines that are operating on vSphere hosts and to create vSphere virtual machines is provided by the integration of with vSphere.
  • Fusion Pro supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1, enabling users to run programs that call for high graphics capabilities. Advanced Graphics and GPU Support:
  • Remote access and control: has remote access and control features that let users access and manage virtual machines that are connected to the same network from a distance.
  • Fusion Pro comes with a command-line interface that enables users to automate processes and run them in an unattended mode.
  • Fusion Pro comes with scripting and automation features that let users automate processes like building, configuring, and managing virtual machines.


  • Run Windows programs on a Mac without having to restart: this enables users to run Windows programmes on a Mac without having to restart, which might be helpful for those who need to utilise both Mac and Windows programs.


  • Cost: this is a premium programme, and its price can be higher than that of competing virtualization programs.
  • Utilization of resources: Running several operating systems and apps simultaneously on a single physical machine can use up a lot of system resources, which can slow down the host machine.
  • Compatibility problems: The virtualization software may not fully support some hardware, and some applications may not function properly while operating in a virtual machine.
  • Performance: When running graphics-intensive apps on virtual machines, performance can not be as excellent as when doing so on a native machine.

VMware Fusion Pro 13.0.0 with License Key Free Download 2023

What’s New In VMware Fusion Pro?

  • Support for the most recent operating systems: To assure compatibility with the most recent software, VMware Fusion Pro now supports the most recent operating systems, including Windows 10 and macOS Big Sur.
  • Performance improvement: VMware Fusion Pro has been enhanced for improved performance and now supports the newest hardware, including the most recent Macs with the Apple M1 chip.
  • Better visuals: VMware Fusion Pro now supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1, enabling users to execute programs that call for sophisticated graphics.
  • Networking has been improved: VMware Fusion Pro now supports virtual networks and lets users design intricate network topologies.

System Requirements:

  • Processor: A 64-bit.
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM.
  • Storage: 750 MB of available disk space.
  • Graphics: A graphics processor that supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.1, or later.

How to Install?

  • From the VMware website, get the installation package for VMware Fusion Pro.
  • Double-clicking the downloaded installation package will start it up.
  • To instal VMware Fusion Pro on your Mac, simply follow the instructions. To proceed with the installation, you might be requested to provide your administrator password.
  • When the installation is finished, the VMware Fusion Pro icon ought to appear in the Applications folder on your Mac.
  • To start the programme, double-click the VMware Fusion Pro icon.
  • To activate the software, you must enter your license key. You can use VMware Fusion Pro’s free trial version if you don’t have a license key.
  • You will be asked to accept the VMware Fusion Pro end-user license agreement after inputting the license key.
  • You will be directed to the VMware Fusion Pro welcome screen after accepting the license agreement.
  • You can execute other operations, open already-existing virtual machines, and create new virtual machines from this location.
  • Additionally, you might wish to look for updates and install them if any are available.


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